One day, a man and a woman met. Eventually, they produced a child - and the story goes downhill from there.

I stole adapted that line from a guy I used to play Ragnarok Online with. You'll have noticed everything on this website has been written in first person - because that's how I experience the world. The best way to get a sense of who I am is to spend some actual time with me, but you're reading this website instead, so I guess I'll try to cover what people might find of interest.

The largest defining trait of my life is the fact that I was diagnosed as Dyslexic & Dysgraphic at age 17. Most people find out a lot sooner, but the earliest parts of my life were somewhat abnormal, and I slipped through a number of cracks. I favour identity-first language when discussing my own neurodivergence; I am Dyslexic, as opposed to "having" Dyslexia.

"Having" Dyslexia makes it sound like a disease I have been afflicted with, and I don't describe myself as disabled because I don't feel disabled. It varies from person to person; I'm not suggesting any rules; I'm just letting you know who I am! It's better to be explicit, and to avoid assumptions.

I've written about how I learned I am Dyslexic and how the lack of a diagnosis affected my mental heath, and the years following the assessment I drifted aimlessly a while trying to figure out the kind of person I wanted to be and what I would have to do to get there.

I spent roughly six years as part of my local circus community, training, performing and teaching diabolo at various times. Mostly I spent time training and practicing, teaching myself the prop. It was a way for me to figure out how I learned, since what I had done in school hadn't worked very well. It also pushed me into a spotlight; I overcame my shyness with trial by fire.

I've explained to many friends that being shy and introverted are not the same thing. I love meeting and getting to know new people, but I still need to be alone, and find my peace in silence.

Through circus I began focusing a lot on self-improvement, and have read most of the popular books you can think of revolving around habits and productivity. I get impassioned about really benign things, such as window-washing technique; I've come to realise that my biggest (And lifelong) hobby has always been learning. I've also accidentally made a habit of organising events.

Like much of my writing, I don't have a clean exit for this page in mind, so I will periodically update this with what I think are benign and possibly interesting facts.

  • I have donated blood 51 times
  • For three years I wore five identical black outfits