Engulfed as Noise

December 9, 2023

A piercing sound arrests your attention.

Another as you struggle to break free.






You close your eyes

The effort feels like forcing sleep.

It penetrates your skin

Your skull, your chest, your lungs.

It violates your breathing, becoming part of your immune system.

Or was it already?

The thought brings you deeper.

It weights upon you, less than gravity but felt more clearly.

Some of it escapes from your mouth

Some of it escapes from your hands

Some of it escapes from your feet.

It continues to strike, flashing like lightning


Is it in your head or your heart?

It beats like a heart but it stretches like a thought.

It fires beyond the horizon

Beyond the idea of a horizon

Outpacing light to meet itself.

It's pushing you forward

While pulling you back.

It flows through you

From head to heart

Like the tide, weathering a perfect coast.

You're alone at the beach


It knows the path of least resistance

And reacts with changes in kind.

You surrender, and float.

Pull the strings to find the path

Burn the ugly sounds

And find the beautiful ones.


The shaking of the earth

The shaking of the air.

Capture a moment within a moment

Faster than imagination

Resonate with the melody.

Your oldest friend

Your cherished enemy

Your tired love.

A piercing sound arrests your attention.

Changing velocity rips you apart

The warm blood spikes with your adrenaline.

It's warm

Warm is meant to be good

But the cold is more familiar

And contrast can be confusing.

A breath you've never felt before

That still remains familiar.

A stranger has exchanged a texture

Neither of you know the shape, colour or sound

But you resolve to resonate in the future.

You've lost your words

Though they never belonged to you.

The machinery grinds

Replacing pieces of itself as work happens.

There's so many moving parts

There's too many moving parts.

Close your eyes and replace them with new ones

Find the simplest piece

Whittle all others to match it.

Beauty is released in motion

Like a statue escaping from marble

Or a thought becoming a feeling.

You're falling.

You've always been falling.

But there is no down

There is no up

Smile, and become the direction.

A piercing sound arrests your attention.

The emptiness gives it meaning

Sound pierces, not silence.

Silence is like night to day

No better, but different.

Less colours, but more contrast.

Exploring the stillness

Like an adventurer dreaming of space.

The quest is unclear

And so is the path

But being driven is better than being pushed.

Dive through oblivion

Stealing the pieces others left behind.

A discordant note fires across the void

With someone to love chasing it.

A coda expands in your throat

An echo of past mistakes

Your own and others'

Your note is faster

But they do not accept it.

Banish any guilt

As terminal velocity betrays them.

The moment of notice passes

As you exit the threshold of a single breath.

There is no rest.

Accepting the journey doesn't make it shorter

But isn't it a privilege to move?

If movement is life

Then stillness could be death

But you don't know what death feels like.

Be quiet in your head

Be quiet in your heart

Be quiet in words.

Time can only move if it notices you.

A piercing sound arrests your attention.